What We Do

We help individuals, teams, and organizations dealing with technology achieve and build on success by developing and implementing effective answers, after we identify the right questions concerning your products, processes, progress, and people.

Our practice centers around software and hardware-related technical product development, and specifically on helping to identify and resolve challenges across the product development lifecycle (PDLC) involving product management, project and program management, organizational and team management, portfolio and project pipeline management, and policy and process development. We have particular expertise in rescuing projects and programs, Agile and Lean Kanban transformations, Agile in regulated environments (aerospace, military, medical, etc.), and enabling accurate tracking and forecasting of work completion throughout the PDLC.

Our clients typically see 100% to 300% increases in productivity within weeks to months with commensurate decreases in defects/rework and significantly improved staff morale, as a direct result of our work.

If your challenges include:

  • difficulty hitting delivery dates
  • excessive defects and rework
  • lack of clarity around project goals and requirements/scope
  • lack of useful or effective estimation practices
  • difficulty creating realistic, actionable project plans and schedules
  • lack of visibility into project progress with unpleasant surprises late in the project cycle
  • difficulty around developing and implementing effective processes and practices
  • struggling Scrum, SAFe, or other Agile framework adoptions

then we can have a significant positive impact on your organization. 

The first step is to contact us at [email protected] to start a conversation on how we can help your organization become more effective and efficient at achieving your goals.

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A truly effective change agent

Roger R, Vice President, Application Development, Michigan

“I have found John to be an exceptional trainer, highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the Agile process, and uniquely effective as a change agent in my organization. […] Since beginning our conversion to Scrum in May this year we have seen a 70% reduction in reported defects and more than 3X improvement in productivity [in six months]. These quality and efficiency gains have been a direct result of the training and guidance John provided. […] I cannot recommend John too highly. He is one of a very small number of truly transformational coaches and consultants I have met during my career.”

John is mostly responsible for our project success

Neal H - Senior Development Manager, California USA

”John Clifford is mostly responsible for the success [our medical devices company] has had with Scrum. [After 9 weeks of John’s coaching and consulting over a six-month period,] we are currently three months ahead of the committed delivery date, we were able to release an update to our research-only software with only a one-sprint impact on the clinical version’s schedule, [and] formal software validation (FCAT) for that maintenance release was reduced from the usual two months to two weeks due to significant increase in code quality.” [This project finished 6 months early, saving $12M in direct R&D costs – jgc]

Who is this guy I keep hearing about?

Jolene R - Lead Program Manager, Massachusetts USA

“I’ve just returned from a week at our corporate headquarters in Germany [where] I spent six days with our program managers learning our [corporate-mandated] waterfall process […]. I bit my tongue so much that I can hardly talk! The best part was when I volunteered to play the role of the ‘project manager’ for a hands-on activity. Using Scrum we completed it under the limit and met the objective with 100% quality. […] The trainer said that although we completed it faster than most of the teams she has done this with – it just looked too chaotic to work! The director of software over there pulled me aside and asked ‘Who is this ‘John’ I keep hearing about?’”

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