Considering adopting Scrum for your project teams but aren't sure where to start? Or, struggling with Scrum and not getting the results you expected? This course is the latest evolution of a seminar that was developed by this instructor and has been taught since 2009 to thousands of attendees at hundreds of organizations with updates that align it with the latest Scrum Guide. Not just a presentation on theory, 'Essentials of Scrum' will provide attendees with a solid, pragmatic understanding of the Scrum framework and how to effectively apply it within their organization. 

You'll learn the foundations of Scrum, its key components (roles, events, artifacts, values, and principles), how and why Scrum works... as well as common factors that prevent Scrum from working and how to overcome them. You'll be able to successfully implement Scrum and get on the path to continuous improvement through inspect-and-adapt.

We'll also cover advanced topics, including events, processes, and practices that help you deal with ad hoc work during sprints, track progress and forecast releases, and how to apply Lean Kanban techniques within Scrum to boost throughput.

Combine this course with our 'Essentials of Agile Estimation' and 'Essentials of Agile Planning' seminars and you will have the same recipe for Scrum success that has given outstanding results in quality, throughput, and customer/stakeholder delight at many Fortune 500 companies.

We also deliver this training live, either in person or via remote training through Zoom. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on these options.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    1: What is Agile

    • What is Agile?

    • What is Agile? Quiz

  • 3

    2: Scrum Overview

    • Scrum Overview

    • Scrum Overview Quiz

  • 4

    3: Scrum Roles

    • Scrum Roles

    • Scrum Roles Quiz

  • 5

    4: Scrum Artifacts

    • Scrum Artifacts

    • Additional Scrum Artifacts

    • Scrum Artifacts Quiz

    • Additional Artifacts Quiz

  • 6

    5: Scrum Events

    • Scrum Events

    • Scrum Events Quiz

  • 7

    6: Spinning Up Scrum

    • Spinning Up Scrum

    • Spinning Up Scrum Quiz

  • 8

    7: Conclusion

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